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Welcome to GO100, where every bar is crafted with the aim of empowering you to live life without the constraints of gut problems. Our journey began with a personal story, a mission embarked upon by our founder, Lars Waagstein, driven by his own struggle with gut health issues. Lars discovered the transformative power of resistant starch in managing his digestive health, which sparked the idea for a more convenient and delicious solution: the GO100 bar.

The Birth of GO100

The idea was simple yet revolutionary – to create a functional food bar that not only tastes great but is packed with clean ingredients scientifically proven to benefit gut well-being. The journey started in Lars’s kitchen, experimenting with various recipes to combine health with taste. The most significant challenge was crafting a bar that was not only effective for gut health but also allergen-free and devoid of artificial sweeteners or aromas.

Our journey has been one of innovation, supported by expertise and encouragement from the Swedish research institute RISE and financial support from the Swedish state-owned venture capital company ALMI. Their backing not only fueled our progress but also affirmed the potential of GO100 bars to make a significant impact.

Addressing the Modern Diet Dilemma

In our quest to develop the perfect health bar, we recognized a common issue: the modern western diet often deprives us of the essential nutrients vital for normal digestive function. Our mission became clear – to fill this nutritional gap and provide these crucial nutrients in a tasty, convenient form. Each GO100 bar is a step towards reclaiming the balance and vitality that our digestive system deserves, offering a blend of ingredients that support gut health and overall wellness.

Partnering for Perfection

The quest for the perfect bar led us to a small yet exceptional producer in our hometown of Kungsbacka. Together, we refined the recipe to create the GO100 bars in two distinctive flavors: ”Real Coffee” for the morning boost and ”Real Matcha” for the evening calm. Each bar is infused with real coffee beans and real matcha powder, providing fibers and nutrients along with a delightful taste.

Our Commitment to You

At GO100, we are committed to combining great taste with clean and scientifically supported ingredients. Our bars are a testament to our philosophy of offering a delicious yet functional support for gut well-being. We ensure the sustainability and ethical sourcing of our ingredients, backed by official certifications and a trusted producer with a quality assurance system in place.

Milestones and the Road Ahead

Launching our first products has been our biggest milestone so far. As we continue to grow, our aim is to expand internationally, introduce new flavors, and develop products that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. We plan to target Swedish retailers in the coming year and add exciting new flavors to our product line.

Driven by Research and Feedback

We continually follow the latest research in nutrition and gut health, integrating it into our product development. Customer feedback is the cornerstone of our innovation, shaping our products to meet real-world needs and preferences. Our success is measured by the positive feedback and success stories from you, our valued customers.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to be part of the GO100 story. Try our bars and experience the difference they can make in your gut health and overall well-being. Our mission is to help you enjoy every moment of life, free from gut limitations. With GO100, embrace a delicious way to support your gut health and live your life to the fullest.

We’re not just selling bars; we’re offering a pathway to improved well-being. Welcome to the GO100 family.

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